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Weitere Publikationen: Fritz Breuss (123 Treffer)

in: Max Guderzo, Andrea Bosco (Hrsg.), A Monetary Hope for Europe
Buchbeiträge, August 2016, S.65-95
Herausgeber: Università degli Studi di Firenze
Online seit: 17.08.2016 14:52
in: Helmut Neuhaus (Hrsg.), Europa zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts: Atzelsberger Gespräche 2013
Buchbeiträge, FAU University Press, Erlangen, Jänner 2014, S.53-140, http://opus4.kobv.de/opus4-fau/frontdoor/index/index/docId/4823
Online seit: 22.04.2015 15:18
Makroökonomische Ungleichgewichte (Macroeconomic Imbalances (with English summary))
Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter, 2011, 58, (3), S.409-428, http://portal.wko.at/wk/format_liste.wk?sbid=155&typ=1&AZ=0&ttid=1&brid=0&mitdetails=1
Online seit: 16.10.2015 16:30
The EU enlargements of 2004 led to a redirection of Structural and Cohesion Funds expenditures from EU-15 to new EU members as did those of 2007. This redistribution of funds makes the accession countries even more attractive as a location of FDI. Using a logistic regressions approach, this paper shows that a reallocation of structural funds as outlined in Agenda (For a stronger and wider union, COM(97) 2000 final, 2000) and successive revisions of the financial perspectives for an enlarged union leads to a redistribution of FDI by approximately 4−8 percentage points from the current EU members to the accession countries (2004 scenario) and 7−10 percentage points (2007 scenario), respectively.
International Journal of Public Policy, 2010, 6, (1-2), S.16-34, http://www.inderscience.com/ijpp
Online seit: 19.10.2015 0:00
Buchbeiträge, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2010, S.503-511
Buchbeiträge, Wien, April 2009, S.21-29
Herausgeber: Bundeskammer der gewerblichen Wirtschaft