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Andreas Reinstaller, Peter Reschenhofer
The impact of the scope of technological search on path-dependence in export specialization: evidence for European countries
Industrial and Corporate Change, 2019, 38, (1-6), S.1611-1635, https://doi.org/10.1093/icc/dtz026
This paper examines how product relatedness and the breadth of technological search affect the path-dependent development of export specialisations across countries documented in prior research. The results of the econometric analysis in this paper show that broader technological search in an industry has a positive impact on the development of comparative advantages in the product lines it exports. The interplay between product relatedness and the scope of technological search has a two-edged character. On the one hand, broader technological search supports adjustments and consolidations of the export baskets on the extensive margin. This contributes to weaken path-dependency. On the other hand, it fosters the competitiveness of products that are related to current export specialisations, and thereby promotes path-dependency on the intensive margin of trade. These results differ across countries with different levels of technological capabilities.
JEL-Codes:I25, O11, O14
Keywords:Diversifizierung, Pfadabhängigkeit, technologische Suche
Forschungsbereich:Industrie-, Innovations- und internationale Ökonomie